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Image by Aldebaran S

I am a Master Jungian Coach dedicated to guiding individuals on a deep and profound transformative journey, from feeling unclear about their individual purpose, stuck in destructive patterns of living and feeling disconnected from their potential, to stepping into their personal mastery and live aligned with their true nature - their Sacred Self.


MSc Mental Health  Psychology  

Master Jungian Coach

 Big Dreamer

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Breathwork and Somatic Guide

By illuminating the wisdom hidden within your unconscious mind and integrating these insights into your conscious life, not only will you experience transformation in body, mind, emotions and spirit, but you will feel a sense of wholeness and fullness through living authentically.


Sacred Self uses a variety of integrative practices to support each person on their individuation journey. These practices include Breathwork, Yoga, Emotional Wisdom Integration, Dream Exploration, Shadow Integration, Visualisations and Meditations, and other holistic practices. Each session is unique, working with what the client brings to the session, which enables sessions to flow and be a containing experience for each person.

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